Why to trade on exchange

An Energy Exchange is a segment of the wholesale electricity market where a participant can sell or buy electricity for the specific time of the next (Day-Ahead Market) and the same (Intraday Market) day. The trade is organized by the Exchange Operator, licensed by the Georgian National Energy and Water Regulatory Commission. The National Energy and Water Regulatory Commission of Georgia controls the activities of the Exchange Operator.


Advantages of trading on the exchange:

  • Allows you to optimize trading portfolios. An exchange trader can balance his trading portfolio in the real-time market or simply optimize it and thus increase the profitability of trading
  • The exchange offers its participants to trade on the NordPool platform - Europe's first and today one of the most distinctive and reliable platforms. European Market Integration Algorithm (EUPHEMIA) is used to determine the market equilibrium point
  • Reference Price is formed on the exchange, which gives the right price signals to new investors
  • Allows generators to enter the market without long-term contracts
  • Permanent technical assistance from the exchange operator in case of any technical obstacles in trading
  • By trading on the exchange, the energy seller is insured against the risk of a party to the contract. The buyer of electricity on the exchange is the operator of the exchange and he is responsible for timely and full payment of the purchased electricity fee
  • > 70% of Georgian demand is traded on the exchange
  • Standard products are traded on the exchange